Pitcher Perfect


And this will be my last pic of a pitcher plant in all it’s glory. Is it obvious I find them fascinating? I’m simply captivated by their form and the fact that they are one of the few known carnivorous plants.


Deep Purple


So I was away for a bit on a business trip and immediately after, headed for Osaka, Japan with my wife and my siblings and mom. My first time in Japan and even if I didn’t shoot as much as I wanted to, I still had a great time. I’ll be sure to post pics of my trip soon.

I don’t know the name of this plant but it sort of reminds me of a purple tiger. Whatever it is, it looks beautiful.

Welcome To The Neighborhood


I liked how this turned out despite the cartoony effect brought about by HDR. It somehow fits in with the misaligned row of apartments. And speaking of HDR, what’s with all these new televisions and computer monitors being HDR enabled? Doesn’t this wreak havoc for content creators who want people to see their work in the same way as they intended?

Anyway, you just gotta love San Francisco. I know I do and despite what they say about the cost of living making it impossible for ordinary Joes like me, it’s still one of the places I wouldn’t mind moving to if I had the means. Ah well…dream on.

First Pitcher Of You


I really don’t know why I used that as my title. “Lotus Eaters” ring a bell for anyone out there? Anyhoo, here’s an image showing you the relative size of the pitchers. And on the right, you can see some more hanging from a different plant.

Get The Pitcher?


Within the Conservatory of Flowers resides a treasure trove of interesting plants and shrubs in various stages of bloom. They had a decent collection of pitcher plants arranged around a pond and in other places and I just had to snap a few of these beauties.

At The Conservatory


The San Francisco Golden Gate Park – Conservatory of Flowers was one of the cooler places I saw on this trip. Call me a nerd but I used to collect orchids so I was fascinated by what I saw both inside and outside of the building.

Amoeba Music


I think this is one of the more famous establishments purveying in music especially vinyl records. I just thought their storefront exuded a great SanFo vibe especially in this area. I did kick myself in the butt later on after we had left for not even entering the store to just browse through what they have.



I saw a reflection of a man and his bicycle in a fenced window along Haight and just had to take a shot. Ended up being one of my favorite pics.

Vintage Attire


One of the more eclectic shops you’ll see on Haight. I didn’t go inside as my taste in clothing borders on the more conservative side of fashion. What i do like is the juxtaposition of the man on the left with the signboard.

The Wasteland On Haight Street


Ok so it’s been awhile but happily, a combination of work and shooting so all is well. I like being happily busy and sneaking in some camera time to boot.

This is another of those fantastically weird establishments you see on Haight. I just love the color and throwback architecture. San Francisco is one of those places I would like to live in ad get to know really well. It’s been said that the city is “dying” since it’s being taken over by the rich folks from the tech sector who drive away the true-blue San Franciscans who made this city what it truly is in character and spirit. Prices of everything have gone up from housing to cost-of-living and it’s simply untenable for a large majority of the original populace. I’m hoping Haight doesn’t lose it’s charm and stays the way it is but realistically, it’s probably just a matter of time.