Looking for Treebeard


I’ve been to San Francisco several times before but Muir Woods was one of the places I never visited. I have to say it is definitely one attraction every nature lover must see at least once in their lifetime. Try to go early in the morning to beat the crowds and you might have a chance to meditate with the redwood trees. You might even feel like you were in the Forest of Fangorn in the epic Lord Of The Rings.

The Island Within A Lake Within An Island Within A Lake Within An Island


That’s right. Welcome to Taal Lake. It’s actually the sight of a largely inactive volcano which formed that crater lake you see in the upper part with its own tiny island. Caugh this as on a recent trip to Palawan which is an island down south. I love shooting from planes was lucky to have a window seat with a relatively clean window.

Self Portrait #2


And we now continue with our regular programming 🙂 What can I say except that 2017 has been wonderfully busy of late. We went up to the mountains for a (too short) weekend of cold mountain air and I had some work to do in Palawan which is at the southern end of the Philippines. Unfortunately, not too many photographic opportunities on both occasions although it was definitely nice getting out of the city. Here’s another self-portrait taken during a tour of Muir Woods near San Francisco. If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend you find the time to visit. Never did find a four-leaf clover though.

Support Structure


To my friends and relatives in the USA who voted for her. Don’t worry, just 1,459 days remaining. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but hey, that’s the price you pay for democracy. And to my friends and relatives in SF, may this icon continue to remind you of your faith and belief in better things to come.

Goodbye 2016!


And what a controversial year it was. We have our President Duterte, the USA have Trump. So much hate and violence…Black Lives Matter, ISIS, Philippine Drug Wars, etc.

We also lost a lot of good people in just one year but that’s how it goes.

So to kick off the year on the right note, here’s an old image from Hong Kong’s Po Lin Monastery which more or less captures my message for 2017 which is peace, harmony and tolerance and understanding for that and those which do not conform with your own way of thinking.

Sorry for the layoff but I had to wrap up a work-related project before the year ends and despite the trials and challenges, we managed to finish it in time 🙂

So here’s to 2017 and may it bring good things to everyone.

The Rust Bucket


One of the more interesting cars I saw that morning. A Dodge Coronet 440 with a Hemi engine. What’s unique is the rather unusual paint job if you could call it that. It seemed to be covered in rust with parts of the body corroding away. I really didn’t look close enough to check if it was real or merely creative use of body decal wraps.

Oh and here’s the engine;


The Chevy


Saw this beaut of a Chevy with the classic pair of dice hanging from the rear-view mirror. Another beautiful and well-executed restoration. I’ll show you the rest of the car in the next post.

Little Red Corvette


Ahh..the Little Red Corvette. I think this is my favorite image from that morning. A close uncle of ours had one of these in the 70’s and that car left a permanent mark on my youth. It was a thing to behold and with a fiberglass body which was THE tech thing at that time before today’s carbon fiber and kevlar.

In Memoriam – Paul Walker


The iconic Porsche Carrera GT. Finally got to see one in the flesh. Mean looking and a worthy rival to the Italian exotics. Unfortunately, it was infamous for also being the car that the beloved actor, Paul Walker perished in during a freak accident. He wasn’t even driving at the time merely riding shotgun for a friend.

Fuel Injection


I loved the detailing on this bad boy. A true labor of love.