Chickens Of The Sea


So it’s travel time again! This time to General Santos City for work. Trying to finish several projects before the year ends hence the hectic schedule but it’s all good. This is one of those places I’ve been wanting to see. It’s also known as the Tuna Capital of the Philipp10-14-2017 6-26-55 AMines for a good reason. If you look at the map, its location at the Southern tip of the Philippines makes it an ideal point to catch tuna as they migrate from the Pacific to the China Sea and back again. I spent one early morning at the Fish Port with my trusty Canon G16 and was happy with the results. I’ll post more in the future but for now, check out these babies. These are yellowfin tuna and were about 3-1/2 feet long. Must have weighed about 100 kgms each!


My Mayon Volcano


Wow I cannot believe how long I’ve been gone. Work has been piling up and there’s been some frequent travel to some not-so-exotic locations to far flung areas so I haven’t been able to focus on other things lately. I know the Internet is available in most areas but believe me, mobile Internet in this country especially in the rural areas can sometimes be hit-or-miss.

So here’s an image taken from one of my plane trips. I’ve never seen Mayon Volcano from the air so I wasn’t sure at first if this was in fact the volcano. So I checked the most likely path taken by our plane (thank Google Earth) and yes it might be possible.

I was looking for some other picture to help convey some thoughts on 9/11. I still remember that moment when we were watching live news on TV (9:00 PM our time). They were broadcasting the fire on the 1st tower and can clearly recall our reaction when the 2nd plane hit. My mind was too numbed to even consider that it was a deliberate act. I simply had trouble processing the idea that there were people who could do this to innocent civilians in the heart of NYC.

NYC being NYC, it appears that New Yorkers simply dusted themselves off and courageously weathered the storm. In fact, I now have several nephews and nieces who relocated to NYC to make a future for themselves.

So on this day sixteen years after that dark event, my hats off to NYC for being the shining light of resilience and fortitude in the midst of adversity. May NYC forever be NYC.

Rock Star


Yes I know it’s been awhile. Things got a little crazy in the office so I haven’t had much of a chance to update this pitiful blog of mine. Real Life really tends to get in the way of photography. So on our trip to Tahoe, we went down to King’s Beach and there were these rock arrangements (if you could call them that) strewn around in random places. I thought they added a whimsical touch to the place and served as a nice focal point to the beautiful Tahoe springtime scenery.

The Visitor


There was a bird feeder out on the balcony which always provided some nice early morning entertainment from the springtime visitors. I didn’t have many choices for setting up my camera so I just waited with my 80-200 f2.8 and shot this wide open at 200mm which comes out to 300mm on my DX Nikon. These guys were a bit jittery and get startled easily by the usual noises from an occupied household. They would always came back though after a while and try their luck at the feeder. Maybe someone could tell me what species of bird this is?

The Siren Of The Lake


While we were at Lake Tahoe, we spent some time just walking around King’s Beach which was a 15 to 20 minute drive from where we were staying. Out of curiosity, we dropped into this mysterious hole-in-the-wall store which advertised palm readings and crystals among other things along with the usual knickknacks and souvenir items. There were several of these small figurines which got my attention. They seemed to be made of ceramic or resin and were unlike any design I’ve seen before. My daughter wasn’t interested in them so I just took some pictures.



Back home, we don’t get to see trees of this size this very often. Thanks to illegal logging, poaching and just plain greed, sometimes you don’t see any trees at all period. I get that we need wood to make our lives better but why the hell can’t people replant trees or space out their harvest?

The Sentinel


As we were making our way down to Eagle Falls, I came across this huge tree by the trail. Looking up, I saw this scene and just had to stop to shoot this guy in all his majesty. Some parts of the trunk were torn away and it certainly looked old and ancient in all its glory.

Eagle Falls


Okay so it’s a postcard-y type of shot. So-so lighting and not much drama. But this was one of the last views I had of this magnificent place before I had to drive back to the Northern side. I parked the van up on the roadside parking and had to make my way down this rock-faced incline. Visions were popping into my head of tomorrow’s local papers headlined “Dumb-ass Tourist Laden With Camera Gear Falls To His Death At Eagle Falls”. But fortunately, that event was reserved for some other schmuck on some other day.



That’s how I would describe this scene. Absolute stillness. Everything was so calm and serene and I had it all to myself. Not a soul around. No vehicles or man-made sounds interrupting my morning reverie and was totally deserving of one of those moments when I thanked the Big Guy up there for allowing me this blessing. I have so many images from this scene to remind me of this place but this is the one I like most because of the trees.

Fannette Island


The only island found on Lake Tahoe, Fanette Island lies in Emerald Bay and serves as a nice counterpoint to the scenery below. The whole area was so peaceful and calm on that early morning with no wind at all. I had the place all to myself the entire time I was there and the whole effort of rising at about 3:00 AM just to catch this moment was all worth it. I did have a hell of a time trying to stay awake while driving back to San Francisco later in the day.