The Sentinel


As we were making our way down to Eagle Falls, I came across this huge tree by the trail. Looking up, I saw this scene and just had to stop to shoot this guy in all his majesty. Some parts of the trunk were torn away and it certainly looked old and ancient in all its glory.


Eagle Falls


Okay so it’s a postcard-y type of shot. So-so lighting and not much drama. But this was one of the last views I had of this magnificent place before I had to drive back to the Northern side. I parked the van up on the roadside parking and had to make my way down this rock-faced incline. Visions were popping into my head of tomorrow’s local papers headlined “Dumb-ass Tourist Laden With Camera Gear Falls To His Death At Eagle Falls”. But fortunately, that event was reserved for some other schmuck on some other day.



That’s how I would describe this scene. Absolute stillness. Everything was so calm and serene and I had it all to myself. Not a soul around. No vehicles or man-made sounds interrupting my morning reverie and was totally deserving of one of those moments when I thanked the Big Guy up there for allowing me this blessing. I have so many images from this scene to remind me of this place but this is the one I like most because of the trees.

Fannette Island


The only island found on Lake Tahoe, Fanette Island lies in Emerald Bay and serves as a nice counterpoint to the scenery below. The whole area was so peaceful and calm on that early morning with no wind at all. I had the place all to myself the entire time I was there and the whole effort of rising at about 3:00 AM just to catch this moment was all worth it. I did have a hell of a time trying to stay awake while driving back to San Francisco later in the day.



This was one of those morning shoots I will never forget. We were at Lake Tahoe and did a hike at Emerald Bay which in itself was a memorable affair. As we were leaving the parking lot, I checked my bearings and it dawned on me that this would be a perfect place for a sunrise shoot. We were leaving the next day for our trip back to San Francisco so I decided to go back the next morning all by my lonesome to catch the sunrise. We were staying at a house on the North shore of Tahoe and Emerald Bay is on the opposite end of the lake. It’s about an hour away so I got up at 3 AM and made my way down. It was a beautiful morning and one of those “I could die right here…” moments.

Textures From A Redwood


As you make your way around Muir Woods National Monument, you’ll see pieces of fallen timber set aside yet strategically placed to depict the beautiful patterns in the grain of these ancient redwoods. Even in death these trees serve to remind us of the wonders of Mother Nature and the grandeur of the forest.

The View From Below


I just couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the view through my wide-angle lens whenever I pointed my camera up to the treetops. Simply breathtaking.

Who Lives Here


One thing I learned from this trip is that my then 6-year old daughter is also into the outdoors. She enjoyed hiking through the forest trails at Lake Tahoe with all the energy and enthusiasm possessed by any 6-year old. She even outpaced everyone else and was barely tired from the 3 hour hike which had some steep uphill climbs. We took our time at Muir Woods to take in all the sights and saw this informative diagram.

Oh by the way I apologize for the extended disappearance. My wife and I had a short but very sweet trip to Taiwan with some other members of my family. Great time was had by all especially the food. And for the first time, I forgot to bring my camera bag!!!! It was by my bed and ready to go but totally overlooked it on the way out. Stupid me. Luckily I had my trusty Canon G16 as a backup so all was not lost.

Walking Among The Giants


This was actually my second time to visit Muir Woods during this trip. On this occasion, I brought my kids along because I figured they just have to see this place at least once. I also baited them with the “don’t you want to see the forest in the “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” movie?

Looking for Treebeard


I’ve been to San Francisco several times before but Muir Woods was one of the places I never visited. I have to say it is definitely one attraction every nature lover must see at least once in their lifetime. Try to go early in the morning to beat the crowds and you might have a chance to meditate with the redwood trees. You might even feel like you were in the Forest of Fangorn in the epic Lord Of The Rings.