San Cristobal

So these are two of the famous murals inside the church. They depict “San Cristobal” or St. Christopher. There’s a reason for two versions of the same subject. The first one made the Saint look too “native” which offended the Spanish friars. So Luciano Dans, the local painter had to make a second version which made St. Christopher look more “Spanish” whatever that means. No small feat considering “Dans used natural color pigments mixed with volcanic ash and brushes made from cats’ hair to create the murals”. Just goes to show that politics, art and religion are always inseparable.

10 thoughts on “San Cristobal

      • Yes sir. In case you are not familiar, Scott Kelby Photowalk is the biggest social photography event around the world. Marami pong naka set around the country now. I chose Paete this time. We hope to meet the photogs of the place. I have spoken with Mayor Bagabaldo. Full of enthusiasm.

      • I’ve encountered the photowalk at Gen. Santos City while shooting at the Fish Port. Nice guys and very enthusiastic about good photography. Thanks for supporting Paete. My old friend Doc Nilo would have been happy to meet you guys if he were still around. He’s an avid fan and supporter of the local art scene.

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