Peace To Hong Kong

Hong Kong (HK) has been in the news for more than a month now and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any solution anytime soon. An old classmate of mine who lives in HK said that most of the protesters never even knew what it was like living under the old British colonial influence when democratic Hong Kong could chart its own path. These are all kids who grew up under mainland rule. Maybe they’re really chafing at the restrictive way China’s been managing Hong Kong? They’ve got some big brass ones that’s for sure. So keep at it kids and show them what you’ve got. I certainly have no love lost for the way China’s been bullying everyone and it’s refreshing to see someone other than Vietnam standing up to them. I shot this some time ago and posted a different version here. For that version, I made a little experiment which didn’t pan out although I was still happy with the result. I think this is how the scene really looked as far as my camera’s White Balance goes (which isn’t totally accurate).

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