The Wasteland On Haight Street


Ok so it’s been awhile but happily, a combination of work and shooting so all is well. I like being happily busy and sneaking in some camera time to boot.

This is another of those fantastically weird establishments you see on Haight. I just love the color and throwback architecture. San Francisco is one of those places I would like to live in ad get to know really well. It’s been said that the city is “dying” since it’s being taken over by the rich folks from the tech sector who drive away the true-blue San Franciscans who made this city what it truly is in character and spirit. Prices of everything have gone up from housing to cost-of-living and it’s simply untenable for a large majority of the original populace. I’m hoping Haight doesn’t lose it’s charm and stays the way it is but realistically, it’s probably just a matter of time.


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