My Mayon Volcano


Wow I cannot believe how long I’ve been gone. Work has been piling up and there’s been some frequent travel to some not-so-exotic locations to far flung areas so I haven’t been able to focus on other things lately. I know the Internet is available in most areas but believe me, mobile Internet in this country especially in the rural areas can sometimes be hit-or-miss.

So here’s an image taken from one of my plane trips. I’ve never seen Mayon Volcano from the air so I wasn’t sure at first if this was in fact the volcano. So I checked the most likely path taken by our plane (thank Google Earth) and yes it might be possible.

I was looking for some other picture to help convey some thoughts on 9/11. I still remember that moment when we were watching live news on TV (9:00 PM our time). They were broadcasting the fire on the 1st tower and can clearly recall our reaction when the 2nd plane hit. My mind was too numbed to even consider that it was a deliberate act. I simply had trouble processing the idea that there were people who could do this to innocent civilians in the heart of NYC.

NYC being NYC, it appears that New Yorkers simply dusted themselves off and courageously weathered the storm. In fact, I now have several nephews and nieces who relocated to NYC to make a future for themselves.

So on this day sixteen years after that dark event, my hats off to NYC for being the shining light of resilience and fortitude in the midst of adversity. May NYC forever be NYC.


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