Profile Of A Katydid


I normally shoot my flash-augmented macros at f11-16. There isn’t much depth-of-field (DOF) at the magnification I use and every little bit counts. At the same time, despite the use of flash, blur can be an issue since the blur overwrites whatever image was captured with the flash. I normally use 1/100 or 1/160 of a second to reduce blur but I would go even lower if I could to let in more ambient light. I try to avoid black or dark backgrounds which look very unnatural. This image was the result of shooting at a slower shutter speed than my normal which blurred out the edge of the frame and rendered the yellow flower into a smoother bokeh. You can see the faint shadow outline in the upper left of the body. Yet I managed somehow to keep the center and the eye to remain somewhat in focus to add some detail. Very happy with how it turned out!


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