The Race To Shore


Hmm so WordPress has a new look. Not sure if I like it yet but so far it’s working.

Revisiting images like this reminds me of a time and place far removed from what we saw plastered across all the news sites and Facebook these past few days. I constantly worry about the future of my children what with all the scares brought about by global warming and the accompanying natural calamities or the talk and preparation for the “Great Big One” or massive earthquake that statistically speaking, is bound to hit my country within my lifetime. Which is why I keep wondering why we even need to throw this misguided devotion to religion into the global mix and make life harder than it already is. I used to believe that there was enough room on this planet to cater to everyone’s beliefs but after 911 and events in Syria, Iraq, Beirut and now Paris, I say to hell with you jihadists and warmongers and how dare you drag the name of God into your twisted and depraved acts against mankind. I can feel it. Your days are numbered and I can’t wait for that moment when Satan drags you all down into hell with him.


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