I Left My Heart…

DSC_2249_50_51_52_53_tonemapped_1024Yes its been awhile and yes, yes, yes corny as the song goes, it’s true. We were blessed to have some vacay time in the USA specifically the West coast area and needless to say it was a blast especially for my kids. Drove from LA to San Francisco via Highway 1 (which was on my bucket list) and it was everything I expected and more. Grueling drive as it took us a total of almost 14 hours including stops but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here’s a corny postcard shot from one of the viewpoints I had on my list of places to shoot from. Shot on the day before we left, it’s actually one of my sentimental favorites since it was like my saying goodbye pic. But not my parting shot as you’ll see down the road. My last time in SF was almost 15 years ago. Of course things have changed. So much more people from when I remember it and driving was more hectic than it was then but  overall, the vibe remains the same and the city felt like an old shirt that hasn’t been worn in awhile. Soft, comfy, familiar smells, oh so cool and most definitely missed. So thank you San Francisco for the most wonderful memories. Always stay the same and never change.


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