Hi guys! Been in a funky mood lately after seeing all the devastation on the news and the Web so I just had to lay off my blog for awhile. Well, it’s been 2 weeks since tropical hurricane Haiyan hit the Philippines and the poor people of Eastern Samar are still very much in the dark (literally). Power hasn’t been restored yet although their situation has improved thanks to your kind support and prayers. It was one of the worst natural calamities in history to have hit the country and it’s been hell on earth for so many of those who survived. Foreign and local aid continues to pour in and it’s nice to see how we can all come together in aid of those who need us most. Sadly, it appears that due to global warming, this won’t be the end of it and as the years progress, we’ll be seeing more and more severe weather disturbances like what happened recently in Illinois and the Middle East. I posted this image I shot in Barcelona and called it “Balance” because I know that there must be a way for us, as co-inhabitors of this planet to make sure that we balance our needs with that of the ecosystem. Gone are the days when we could just rape and pillage Mother Nature without a care in the world. She’s fighting back and people are getting hurt. Now I’m no tree-hugger but I do like and appreciate the great outdoors and it would be nice for our kids to have a chance to see it for themselves one day in all it’s glory instead of having to resort to a computer monitor right?

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