Calatagan – Dead Center II (Touching Down)

Calatagan – Dead Center II (Touching Down)

I love shooting in digital format. Film is becoming popular with the retro-shooter crowd but “been there, done that” so to speak. After seriously learning photography back in the 80s when we used slide film, shooting digital today is like a breath of fresh air. Back then, I wanted to delve into black and white but since I never learned photo lab work much less invest in one, I could never really get into it. Now, I don’t have to carry several camera bodies loaded with different kinds of film nor do I have to concern myself with choosing what to shoot with. I can just get into the moment and shoot what I see before me and worry about some of the other things later on. Of course, my camera (DSLR) helps a lot. Just like any good tool, it disappears and merely becomes an extension of your eyes, brain and hands like a surgeon’s scalpel for example or a painter’s brushes. This scene for example is one that I would ordinarily shoot in color but black and white somehow renders a more accurate emotion of how I perceived it at the time. Back then I would have to meter, re-compose, shoot and maybe bracket my shots, dismount the body, meter and re-compose again for black and white. By that time, I would have missed the shot. Share your thoughts?


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