Calatagan – Dead Center

Calatagan - Dead Center

Hey guys!!! Been a while but everything’s squared away and back to normal again after that short summer break. Went to the beach after being away for quite some time and boy, was the weather hot and humid! Must have been in the high 30s (C). While we were at the beach, my son and I went on a mini roadtrip one afternoon for sunset and we looked for this place in Calatagan which I found through Google Maps. After some really bad roads and getting lost (just a bit) thanks to my Android phone’s map software getting dizzy on occasion, we found the place. It was a beautiful piece of coastline tucked away in Batangas. And for those of you who might have the inclination to look for it, you can find it at long.-120°37’20.47″E, lat.-13°48’47.10″N. It was low tide and my son had a great time looking for critters along the beach while I set up my tripod on some rocks to shoot this. One of the basic Rules Of 2/3rds in photography is to never to put your horizon dead center but when I saw this scene, it just couldn’t be helped. As a good photog-friend said, you have to earn the right to break those rules and hopefully this scene does justice to that.


2 thoughts on “Calatagan – Dead Center

  1. It’s your work, you make the rules! The photograph turned out really good. Well done!
    It’s a beautiful scene, the sea looks endless and the sky is crazy!

  2. Hi Gracie! Thanks for that vote of confidence and glad you liked this image 🙂 I like the way you put that and you’re absolutely right hahahaha!!!!.

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