The Brooms

The Brooms

Broom-making is a popular product of the highland city of Baguio and you can see them being displayed for sale not just in the markets but also at the more popular tourist spots. For some reason, people regard them as practical souvenirs from Baguio. Naturally, we bought a couple for our home as well.


4 thoughts on “The Brooms

  1. Great shot! I like how you desaturated the background. It definitely made your subject pop.
    Looking at your photo, it’s like hearing my grandma asking me to pick her up a couple (one is absolutely not enough apparently) of those…LOL.

    • Thanks Gracie! Your grandma must be Filipino šŸ™‚ Down here, you can always tell when someone came from Baguio by all the brooms they’re lugging home. People like giving them away as gifts or souvenirs. I’ve actually heard people say “maguwi ka ng walis” or “get me some brooms” when they learn someone’s going up to Baguio šŸ™‚

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