Stalking A Fisherman

Stalking A Fisherman

When I’m at the beach or out shooting anywhere else, I usually look forward to 4:00PM when the light starts warming up and changes character in preparation for the “sunset show”. Luckily, it was also low tide in the afternoon so when I saw this fisherman head out with his casting net, I grabbed my camera, mounted a telephoto lens and followed him from a distance. I tried putting the sun at an angle which would highlight the casting net when he threw it but ended up with this instead.


5 thoughts on “Stalking A Fisherman

  1. Are you kidding? A camera is like a calculator or pen. It’s just a tool. It’s your eye that really counts because you know what you like when you see it. One of the best lines I’ve heard is “the best camera is the one with you” and you are the best example of that 🙂

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