The Blue Windows On Haight Street


I saw these windows on Haight Street and was immediately attracted to the geometric patterns and lovely blue color. Really makes you wonder what these guys were on when they painted these. I mean, you just gotta have some of that to get the creative juices flowing.


The Rider


San Francisco wouldn’t be complete without a trip downtown to check out the sights. And what better way to see the city than aboard one of the iconic San Francisco streetcars. They may be old but they seem to work fine and lots of people still use them for practical or even sentimental reasons.

Crown Of Thorns


One of the things that I noticed about the West Coast was the lack of rainfall. Everything was so dry and this was evident in the terrain that I saw on the drive from L.A. to San Francisco which consisted mostly of dried grass. This in turn led to the adaptation of cactus and other succulent plants as a way to dress up the garden without having to resort to watering or extensive maintenance. Being a plant-lover, naturally I agreed 100% with the move and besides, there’s something fascinating about cactus and their cousins like the tillandsia.



There’s something to be said about staring at fish in a tank. Their constant motion tends to hypnotize and lull you into a catatonic state of mind. Sort of reminds me of a cat staring at a fish bowl.

Here Fishy Fishy


The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the more impressive aquariums I’ve seen simply because of the layout and the way exhibits are organized according to the local habitat. The kids enjoyed getting up close with some of the inhabitants of the seas and I’m pretty sure some of them ended their visit with dreams of becoming a marine biologist one day or at the very least, learning how to scuba dive.

Another Day At The Races


As we were leaving the Monterey Bay Aquarium,  I saw this door leading to another room which somehow piqued my curiosity. I entered the room and was amazed with what they call the “Circular sardine exhibit”. It’s this huge, circular glass wall which allows you to look into their Open Sea exhibit which is the largest tank in the complex. So it was only appropriate that I pull out my fisheye lens (WTF) to take this.

Pitcher Perfect


And this will be my last pic of a pitcher plant in all it’s glory. Is it obvious I find them fascinating? I’m simply captivated by their form and the fact that they are one of the few known carnivorous plants.

Deep Purple


So I was away for a bit on a business trip and immediately after, headed for Osaka, Japan with my wife and my siblings and mom. My first time in Japan and even if I didn’t shoot as much as I wanted to, I still had a great time. I’ll be sure to post pics of my trip soon.

I don’t know the name of this plant but it sort of reminds me of a purple tiger. Whatever it is, it looks beautiful.

Welcome To The Neighborhood


I liked how this turned out despite the cartoony effect brought about by HDR. It somehow fits in with the misaligned row of apartments. And speaking of HDR, what’s with all these new televisions and computer monitors being HDR enabled? Doesn’t this wreak havoc for content creators who want people to see their work in the same way as they intended?

Anyway, you just gotta love San Francisco. I know I do and despite what they say about the cost of living making it impossible for ordinary Joes like me, it’s still one of the places I wouldn’t mind moving to if I had the means. Ah well…dream on.

First Pitcher Of You


I really don’t know why I used that as my title. “Lotus Eaters” ring a bell for anyone out there? Anyhoo, here’s an image showing you the relative size of the pitchers. And on the right, you can see some more hanging from a different plant.