The Cross At The Duomo

My heart goes out to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Blessed with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. You are in my prayers La Mi Italia and know you’ll overcome this and rise up to be brighter, stronger and even more amazing.

Things I See

The Cross At The Duomo

I just had to take this image home with me for posterity. It’s something we see all the time as we leave our apartment and it really reminds me of Florence. I shot this in the late afternoon light which cast a beautiful warm glow on the facade of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore leaving the cross in shadow with a bluish tinge.

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Weighing My Fortunes

Whenever you end up on the coastline of Nasugbu, Batangas which borders the West Philippine Sea, you’ll see the outline of Fortune Island on the horizon. Even as a kid, seeing the shadow of the island whenever we arrive at the beach meant “you’re home”. I would be mesmerized with the scenes of passing ships set against the silhouette of the island as the day goes by. On this day, I was walking along the beach before sunset, doing my usual thing of picking off images when I saw this lady sitting on the sand with the island off in the distance. I aligned them together to get the silhouette, island and clouds in just the right position. Turned out to be one of my favorite images from this trip.

Go Fly A Kite 2 (And Then There Were Two)

So this other guy decides to join in the action. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much. Well, much wind anyway. At least they didn’t mind me snapping away behind them.

Go Fly A Kite

Well, it’s effing Love Day already. And if you don’t have any SO(s) to share it with, then go fly a kite.


To those who keep up with my blog, you know that every Lunar New Year’s Day, I always try to go to Binondo to shoot the festivities. Well, this year, the weather wasn’t cooperating and it was raining in the morning hours which is when I usually go. I don’t bother going in the afternoon due to the sheer number of people which makes shooting difficult if not impossible. Anyway, I was going through my old images and came across this one. The guy was framed perfectly amongst the fruits and the look on his face? I don’t know if he was insulted that the photographer became the subject especially with a Nikon DSLR staring him in the face. Hmm…I think I’ll go through my archives and try and put together a series depicting the photographers I come across on this day.

A Perfect Day

Most, if not all kids love the beach and my daughter is no exception. Her pose struck me as someone who didn’t want the day to end. I don’t blame her. Especially on days like this, when the weather just manages to give you the perfect balance of light and shadows.

Bad Hair Day

Happy New Year!!! Visited some old friends over the holidays at Los Baños, Laguna. They run an aviary specializing in exotic peafowl, geese and other kinds of birds so it was a nice way to familiarize oneself with some new avian friends. Shooting conditions weren’t the best. I could have used more light since we were shooting inside the caged areas in the afternoon sun but such is life. I think this is a Victoria-crowned pigeon. More like a case of bad hair day.

Merry Christmas

No, not Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays but Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

The Couple

This is one of my all-time favorite images from the beach. I was shooting against the sun and was going for that high-contrast, silhouette-type images. It ended up better with a washed-out effect.

Bubble’s Sunset III

Just another glorious summer day in Baguio capped by one of those dramatic sunsets. I liked how the tiny sunball served as a counterpoint to the orange-tinged clouds.