The Rust Bucket


One of the more interesting cars I saw that morning. A Dodge Coronet 440 with a Hemi engine. What’s unique is the rather unusual paint job if you could call it that. It seemed to be covered in rust with parts of the body corroding away. I really didn’t look close enough to check if it was real or merely creative use of body decal wraps.

Oh and here’s the engine;


The Chevy


Saw this beaut of a Chevy with the classic pair of dice hanging from the rear-view mirror. Another beautiful and well-executed restoration. I’ll show you the rest of the car in the next post.

Little Red Corvette


Ahh..the Little Red Corvette. I think this is my favorite image from that morning. A close uncle of ours had one of these in the 70’s and that car left a permanent mark on my youth. It was a thing to behold and with a fiberglass body which was THE tech thing at that time before today’s carbon fiber and kevlar.

In Memoriam – Paul Walker


The iconic Porsche Carrera GT. Finally got to see one in the flesh. Mean looking and a worthy rival to the Italian exotics. Unfortunately, it was infamous for also being the car that the beloved actor, Paul Walker perished in during a freak accident. He wasn’t even driving at the time merely riding shotgun for a friend.

Fuel Injection


I loved the detailing on this bad boy. A true labor of love.

Rated R


So if you pop the hood of the “The Mean Green Machine”, this is what you’ll see. Beautiful chrome work on the alternator, valve covers, intakes, radiator hood and some good ole Aztec porn under the hood. My guess is, they don’t run the engine all that much if at all otherwise the paintwork gets fried.

Family Genes


The Los Angeles car scene is truly heaven for car nuts. I was pleasantly surprised to see these two beauties side-by-side. These two automobiles represent more than half a century of Toyota’s commitment to representing the Japanese way of excellence in car making. On the left is the Toyota 2000GT which made its debut in the 60s and today fetches a sum of about USD 375k. To the right is the Lexus LFA which also costs roughly USD 375k and was made in 2010 till about 2012. Both were ahead of their time and the LFA can still run rings around most of the offerings from the Prancing Horse or Raging Bull.

The Cobra


I never saw this many AC Cobras before so it was great finally seeing them in detail. A high school classmate of mine had one or rather his dad did so it brought back some great memories.

Meet The Hurricane


To a car fan, seeing the Lamborghini Huracan in the flesh for the first time evoked feelings akin to that of seeing Amber Heard or Kate Upton in a little black dress. Or better yet, lying on a beach wearing nothing but a bikini. It’s that kind of car.

The Mean Green Machine


It’s been awhile but I managed to visit the US of A after more than a decade. I think the last time I was in the USA was back in 2000. Anyway, my family and I spent some time on the West Coast and our first stop was Los Angeles. I hooked up with an old classmate while I was there and we checked out the local car scene by way of a local Cars And Coffee get together and a Toyota-sponsored event. By the way, a little shameless plugging…he does a fantastic job doing high-quality audio installations and the name of the company is OEM Audio. You can check them out here. I saw this beautiful rendition of an Impala and just had to take it. I’ll show you some other detailing later on.