The Cobra


I never saw this many AC Cobras before so it was great finally seeing them in detail. A high school classmate of mine had one or rather his dad did so it brought back some great memories.

Meet The Hurricane


To a car fan, seeing the Lamborghini Huracan in the flesh for the first time evoked feelings akin to that of seeing Amber Heard or Kate Upton in a little black dress. Or better yet, lying on a beach wearing nothing but a bikini. It’s that kind of car.

The Mean Green Machine


It’s been awhile but I managed to visit the US of A after more than a decade. I think the last time I was in the USA was back in 2000. Anyway, my family and I spent some time on the West Coast and our first stop was Los Angeles. I hooked up with an old classmate while I was there and we checked out the local car scene by way of a local Cars And Coffee get together and a Toyota-sponsored event. By the way, a little shameless plugging…he does a fantastic job doing high-quality audio installations and the name of the company is OEM Audio. You can check them out here. I saw this beautiful rendition of an Impala and just had to take it. I’ll show you some other detailing later on.

San Pablo’s Bounty


It’s that time of year when I have to visit the farm in San Pablo which is a road trip of about 2.5 hours. Was gifted with some squash shoots and flowers which make a great salad when cooked with some coconut milk or sautéed with some garlic and onions. The flowers can be lightly battered and deep fried.

Seeing Red


Something seems to be happening over at WordPress. I’ve been trying to post a new page but for some strange reason, WordPress wasn’t allowing me to use my usual method of embedding a Flickr URL as my preferred method of incorporating images. You see I have a picture library on FlickrPro which makes it easier for me to share and keep track of my favorite images. It’s just something I’ve gotten used to over these years and if it ain’t broke… So anyway, for some strange reason, WordPress now refuses embedding a URL in the “insert Media” section. So I somehow managed to find my way to the WordPress app which I downloaded (Windows ver.) and now it works like a charm. Well at least it works like it used to but outside of the browser. Funny but why do they hide the App in the Help section? Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this one.

The Flying Cross


Saw this little bugger perched on top of a petal and he reminded me of an old biplane like the one used by Snoopy. I really have to try focus stacking one of these days although I’m sure it would be a real challenge for live bugs in an outdoor setting.

Like The Mouth Of A Volcano


Well at least that’s what it looks like. This was another experiment shooting macro with my lens set at f2.8 using available light. That’s the top view of a hibiscus flower bud and I was really happy with how this image turned out. It also reminds me of something else but then that would be NSFW.

Top o’ the Morning


One reason to go to the market at daybreak is to have first dibs on the strawberries. And these babies were absolutely gorgeous. Now where’s the cream and sugar?

Frog In A Bottle


Yes you got that right. I was out bug-hunting and saw this frog sleeping inside a plastic bottle that someone had left in some bushes. Pathetic really for the polluting offender but this guy just took up residence and seemed happy for the warm and dry nook he found

Focal Point


Another attempt at a naturally-lit macro shot. Used f2.8 as my opening for this one to get the fastest shutter speed possible and blur out the background. What’s never apparent at least in any of my macro shots is the effort it takes to get a decent point-of-view. These bugs can be skittish at times which is why you need to either get down on your knees or even lie on the ground and contort your body to get the right angle. You need to make the least amount of movement when shooting which is why I like the early mornings when they’re still sleepy and laden with dew which makes it harder to move (I assume).